Why study in London?

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Following a degree in London has always been my dream.

Even from highschool, I was fascinated by the high-quality education that has been praised over the years, and eventually, I decided to pursue my dream. Being the cultural capital of the Globe, London is a metropolis that offers more than it meets the eye, and once you’ve submerged in the beautiful London world, there is no easy escape.

Coming from a country that is still in development and a small town, I realised that being a London student offers so many free things to experience and so many people to meet.

Although many people argue whether London is the most expensive city to live in or not, I tend to disagree.

The capital is a city that has higher prices than other cities, is true, but as an international student, you can still manage and have fun!  Budgeting and understanding the prices that grocery brands offer is the first thing to do. For example, as a self-supporting student, once I’ve gotten a job, I managed to keep my weekly groceries at  £15 per week.

It’s not an easy task, but once you know where to shop and that street markets offer you great deals, you’re ready to go!

I understood how important it was to come and study here from the moment I stepped inside Middlesex University.

I studied Creative Writing and Journalism, and because the world is changing at the blink of a second, I knew London is the place to be. The accessibility of information, technology and place is absolutely amazing and is only in London where you can develop a sense of responsibility and attachment.

Having peers from all around the world in my class, I have met many international students that have given me another perspective over the world,and over the boundaries that sometimes are pointless.

One of the greatest things about studying in London, as a Creative Writing student, was the fact that inspiration can be found anywhere.

Regardless if you’re enjoying the sun in the park, the view from Richmond Park, sipping your tea in St Paul’s, there is no better place to evolve professionally than London.

Universities offer a great range of activities that students can get involved, and more importantly, they offer cross-platforms for students from all the United Kingdom to know each other.

For example, I have been lucky enough to be selected as a Student Blogger last year for the Southbank Centre during the Women of the World Festival. Secondly, because, along with my friends, we’ve set up the FutureRising society at university, I have also become a FutureRising contributor. FutureRising is a creative online website that allows people from the creative industries to connect.

Overall, I believe that London has to be experienced in order to be understood. Students coming here will see that although hard-word is necessary to succeed, with the cultural immensity that London offers, things will be easier and more entertaining!

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Making the most of London Life

Being an international student in London isn’t always easy, but it can be pretty amazing if you allow yourself to take advantage of all the opportunities you’ll be given. Living on campus is probably the more expensive accommodation choice, so, if you are willing to commute to university, I assure you that rewards will come: more money in your bank account, possibility to travel within London and understand the public transport (which can be quite complicated) and foremost, perceiving new habits and new people.

Standard Tube map

One of the things that you’ll find easy to do will be socialising and partying. People in Britain have less concern at a party if your shoes and bag are matching or if you’re wearing the right necklace. Of course, depending on the social activity, it matters what you wear, but that doesn’t define the level of fun you can have. Also, make sure you attend at least one tea party while you’re here: there’re super awesome!


Depending on what your preferences are, some of the places you can go and have fun in London are: Piccadilly Circus (a lot of nice restaurants and clubs), Soho (from vintage to alternative rock, you can find any atmosphere here) and, let’s not forget, Camden Town. Camden Town and Soho are somehow alike, but soon as you get to both places, you can see the huge differences. While you’re in Camden, make sure you go to the Camden Food Market: it’s amazing!


While London is a city from which you can learn and experience many things, be careful not to overspend. In order to keep track of your financial expenses, make sure you keep a weekly list of how much you have spent and always organise your shopping priorities with the food on the top. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to spend your money on non-essential items and then be annoyed on how you could’ve bought food for two days. But let’s not worry! London offers choices for every budget and if you research your accommodation choices to get the best for your budget, trust me, you’ll have the time of your life.


The multitude of things you can do in London for free is extraordinary: museums, parks, exhibitions, and so on. You can enhance your cultural experience by only walking from St. Paul’s Cathedral down to Southbank and you’ll be amazed of how many things you can see!

If being new in a metropolis like London makes you feel a bit scared, don’t worry at all. Everyone in London, even locals, have got lost at least once!

So, sit back, relax and plan your adventure!