Labelling and questioning: is society doing the right thing?

Staying always positive is not easy.

Our personalities and thoughts are making us sometimes question even the daily routine – early mornings, hard works, home chores – it’s hard to always keep a positive perspective towards everything.  Having a discussion with one my closest friends today, I have realised one thing: I spent way too much time lately being negative.

People will always have something to say about somebody else: criticising their style, talking about love-life, making fun or even empathising with others’ feelings. However, I wonder , what does that makes us as human beings?

Are we flawless? No, we’re not.

We’re functional beings that always want the best from the future, always contemplating about positive outcomes, and most of the time – I have to admit it – doing every effort to adhere to the fulfilment of those outcomes. But now, looking at some of my friends, I realise that some worry too much about society’s opinions, about the tags and labels we’ve been given.

Someone at work just said today: “Why did you dress up? Are you going somewhere special?” And then I just realised that I don’t need to give any explanation to anyone.

And no, I wasn’t dressed up because I was going somewhere special, I just wore something nicer from my wardrobe because I felt like it. Simple as that.

I don’t need to dress up to impress, I dress up to feel positive and nice.

Women are like that.They like wearing accessories, nice dresses and fancy shoes. It’s the society that teaches us that we must always stay beautiful, always to be at our best. But maybe we don’t have to. Maybe we put on something nice just for ourselves, or maybe some days we don’t feel like doing anything. If you feel comfortable in your own skin and wearing something that says that, everyone will notice. People will start smiling more at you, because you smile more often and so on.

I think that people that say ugly things about others have a darkened soul as well; there’s no mistake in that. Building confidence always relies on the structure of the soul. There are people with beautiful and innocents spirits that haven’t been altered by evil thoughts and they sparkle in the everyday life, next to us, without being a label to the society. And then, there are the other people. Those who have a beautiful soul but they let the society taint it and let it become corrupt.

It is a sad reality and unfortunately, most people don’t realise this.

You just have to be yourself, believe in your own strength and just look brightly to the future. Taking on labels and making decisions based on what other people say will just make you question your position everywhere in life and will weaken your personality.

Always step up for yourself, speak proudly and be nice to others, there’s no losing in that!

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Until next time,

Yours truly. x