How was your day?

As the sun is setting on the horizon line, I see myself meeting new faces at every step. Some of them are tired, hindered by wrinkles, hidden between layers of routine and some, some still have the strength to smile at me after a long day. People have busy lives; we spend most of our time at the office, in the cafe, in the kitchen, with the babies – mostly working – and that says a lot about us.

We work hard to strive, provide and produce.

In a society of consumerism many have forgotten to actually enjoy the day at work, to exchange a joke with the colleague across the room or even smile to the girl  in the foyer whose name is unknown.

So I’m asking you all,

How was your day?

Did you wake up with a strong sense of needing a coffee to get you going?

Or maybe you missed someone and the thought of going to work would have made it fade away?

Some of the world’s philosophers say that if you want to make time for something or someone you will, the rest is just excuses.

Yet again, someone woke up smiling today. Like I did.

I woke up – although without enough rest – grateful.  Seeing the sun rays shining through the curtains gave a feeling of belonging, a feeling of comfort. I was grateful for being in London, for managing to work my way through life, and being where are I am.

I felt positive about my goals and knew that today will be a good day.

The day that follows is as you make it.

It is very important to stay positive and always try and make things easier for you. As soon as stress gets to you, everything becomes harder to achieve and your mood becomes automatically bad.

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These are some of my advices I always give myself:

  • You mustn’t loose your temper by paying too much attention to little things, but stay focused and try to smile and make situations better.
  • You must approach situations with a positive attitude and work towards a better understanding of body language.
  • Look people in their eyes and smile. Smile, smile, smile. Even on a bad day, someone’s good vibe can lift your spirit.
  • Remember to be gentle, polite and calm. People like that and you’ll find it yourself how much better it is to work in a tranquil environment.

And just to finish off, always bare this in mind:

“When you are joyful, when you say yes to life and have fun and project positivity all around you, you become a sun in the center of every constellation, and people want to be near you.”
Shannon L. Alder

Until next time,

Csilla x