Trip to Hampton Court

If you are a fan of the Tudors Dynasty  this post might interest you.

Let us step back in time and follow the world of King Henry VIII, Cardinal Wolsey and Oliver Cromwell at this world known historic palace, Hampton Court.

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Some of the things you can see at Court are the beautiful Tudor Kitchens, the Great Hall – that still preserves the décor and immense dining table – and the Chapel Royal.

Surrounding the castle, you can get lost in the beauty of the gardens, the Great Vine, and, literally lost in the Maze.

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Hampton Court Maze via 365Tickets

Hampton Court Maze via 365Tickets

Englishmen are known for being fond of their lawns and one of the key attractions at Hampton Court are the beautiful gardens. The eccentricity and perfection of the flowers draws you immediately in, and, if you let your imagination play, you can almost feel the magic of history!

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Over 750 acres of royal parkland are boasting with sparkling fountains and gracious displays of over 200,000 flowering bulbs and there is no better place at Court to have a picnic and relax.

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There is though a rumour that circulates across the Palace.

The ghost of Catherine Howard is believed to frequent the Court’s Haunted Gallery where she was dragged back screaming to her rooms while under house arrest, being accused of adultery by King Henry VIII. Have a look around, and you might just hear the Screaming Lady!

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Henry VIII portrait


Hampton Court offers a delightful experience into the immense world of Tudors: galleries, bedrooms, paintings, sculptures, everything you can imagine a Royal household can have, you’ll find it here!

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You can even take a cape and stroll around *feeling royal*

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If you want to visit Hampton Court Palace  you can book your tickets here.

Take my word for it, it is an amazing place to have a day out and enjoy cultural richness!




Enjoy London for free.

Taking the decision of coming or moving to London is not easy and it requires a rigorous process of thinking, planning, calculating and budgeting.

Although many  may say that London is a city where you can’t live on a budget because prices are too high, I must contradict you.

But first, let me show you some facts. London is indeed expensive, according to Expatistan and it reaches the top among the most expensive cities to live in the entire world!


Photo: Buzzfeed

I never said it is easy to live in London, but with some help and planning, everything can fall in place. For example, one of the best things about this expensive metropolis is that all the museums are free to enter! ( except for some of exhibitions they’re showcasing, but those are affordable as well!) Of course I had to take advantage of that, so I took a little trip to the Natural History Museum and London Science Museum.

The Natural History Museum is located on Cromwell Road in South Kensington, at a walking distance from the tube station. There’s no chance you miss it! Once you passed Royal Albert Museum, there it is, an imposing and majestic building that takes your breath away: the entrance has Romanesque architecture ( for those seeking architectural diversity, this is the place you can find examples of different designs) and the entire building dates back to 1860.

As soon as you enter the museum, your eyes are mesmerised: an immense dinosaur skeleton is displayed in the main hall, almost inviting you to come in. The plan of the museum is expanded on several floors, each of them having different themes and different exhibitions:


You can choose what to visit to entertain your brain, but I assure you, you have to come back a couple of time to grasp in everything it has to offer.

Here are some of the photos I took whilst there:





My journey didn’t stop here. After delighting my eyes with beauties from the nature and enhancing my knowledge about fauna from around the world it was time to move on and learn more about inventions and technology.

I made my way towards the Science Museum which is located on Exhibition Road, South Kensington as well, short walking distance from the Natural History Museum, and I was excited to dive in history and diverse scientific inventions.

I was immediately caught: the main hall, again, displays an immense machine, if I remember correctly, a machine that was creating power which dates back to the early 1800.

The diversity of inventions is admirable and you can even see a tiny piece of rock brought from the Moon! I was happy to see some of the first bicycles invented and old models of 1900’s technology.





So here it is! London for free!

This is not where free stuff end in London, I will be back with other blog posts about what you can do for free in London.

Until next time, remember this:

London is like no other city I know in its ability to become beautiful. You can suddenly turn a corner and there are odd moments – of light, of weather.
Graham Swift

Lots of love,