Treasure Hunting and The Lord Mayor’s show fireworks

Because no story is written without events happening beforehand, Saturday was my inspirational day. The weather forecast was showers and clouds with multiple series of strong wind and although sounded quite scary, I actually left the house and made my way to the Institute of Education in Russell Square where our meeting kicked off. It was nice meeting up with Kim and the rest of fellow ambassador and also meet new people.

The aim of our meeting was to go Treasure Hunting and discover Westminster in a way you wouldn’t usually experience it. So, there we were, Dynos team, ready to go and bring to life all those hidden clues. The journey started off at St. James’s Park, towards Queen Anne’s Gate and I have to say, it was amazing and fun! There were streets with beautiful buildings that I had no idea they existed and, moreover, the autumn print on London mesmerized me.

The tasks were quite tricky to solve, but as we continued our journey from the Ministry of Justice towards Westminster Abbey, architectural beauties took away my breath. From Storey’s Gate up until the Westminster Column, the old meets the new:  Queen Elizabeth II Conference Room, The Sanctuary, Westminster Abbey, St. Margaret’s  Church. I never knew these buildings were situated in this area ( except Westminster Abbey), mainly because I’ve never experienced London from this perspective.

Although we haven’t completed all of the tasks, we headed finally to Brick Lane to have lunch with the rest of the Ambassadors and discuss. We had a delicious Indian/Balti lunch at Preem and then headed to see the fireworks for the Lord Mayor’s Show.

The rain started pouring down, ready to ruin our evening, but even though it was cold and wet, we still had a good laugh!

Here’s some pictures that I took:


The Sanctuary ( Westminster)


Western Facade of Westminster Abbey


Westminster Column


Wooden Crosses at Westminster


RAF’s Poppies Crown 


View towards the Houses of Parliament


Lampost towards Big Ben


The Dynos Team ( except me)

DSC_0040 DSC_0042 DSC_0046 DSC_0062 DSC_0075

The Wonderful Fireworks

If you still wonder why you should come to London, this is another good example!