Damn you, cancer

There are moments like tonight, when you learn something that shakes you to the roots and makes you wonder why some things happen. Today, another young soul has lost the battle to leukaemia and without wanting, has surrendered.

This young soul has lost this terrible battle after finding out she was healthy again, just days after she’d arrived home to her safe haven. I didn’t know Alida personally, but I followed her story on her blog, her friends’ Facebook pages, through my personal recearch of acute lymphoblastic leukemia and I had hoped she would get better.

When she returned home, I even wished her a warm welcome and I was truly happy for her.I have lost so many people to cancer that honestly, I have lost count. Alida’s story is a touching one and not the only one.

Only 22 years old, with great hopes for the future and with a burning desire to be a hero, Alida’s story has abruptly ended after battling with cancer since 2013.

I was reading her entire blog tonight and by the time I finished, my cheeks were burning with tears.

No. 39 Be a hero. Pentru a deveni un erou, va trebui mai intai sa imi dau seama ce anume defineste un erou. Plus va trebui sa fiu foarte atenta si sa imortalizez momentul deoarece se spune ca meseria de erou este cea mai scurta din lume.”

“No. 39. Be a hero. To become a hero, I will have to figure out first what exactly does define a hero. Besides, I’ll have to be very careful and capture the moment because they say the job of a hero is the briefest in the world “

The one thing that baffles me the most is this: why is it that cancer has not been beaten yet? How is it that in this world we’re living in, with so much technological advancement, we haven’t found a cure yet?

This world is losing great people, and it’s just so hard to keep hearing news like this. You know how they say you don’t need to know someone to understand their story? Well, that’s how I felt about Alida. I didn’t met her personally, we never spoke online either, but we had a common friend. I learnt about Alida’s story through my friend and ever since, I was hoping she would get better. And she did, slowly and bit by bit.

I just feel so angry  frustrated about her passing… I wish there could be more battles won than lost, more cancer survivors, or even better, less cancer to destroy our cells.

How do you come to terms with the idea that someone that young has lost this battle, this terrible fight?

Rest in peace, beautiful Alida…


You can read Alida’s story here: https://alidalive.wordpress.com/