London for free, part two.

The cold season has slowly settled in and what better way of starting the day than with another post about the beauty of London. I have already mentioned it before, but I must repeat myself: London has to offer more than meets the eye and people should look for beautiful things everywhere.

One of the places where you can delight your eyes and enrich your cultural experience is famous Camden Town. For those who are not familiar with its location, it is situated north-west ( approx. 2.5 miles) from Charing Cross and it represents one of the major centres in the London Plan. However, it is not the common borough you’ll run across and its eccentricity will amaze you.  It offers an eclectic experience, from markets and food, unconventional shops and quite pricy fashion items. But, let us not worry! Even for free, you can still enjoy its beauty.

Walking down from the station, you can admire and enjoy everything Camden has to offer. On the left hand side, there are a few clothing shops, where you can go window shopping and have a good time, while on the right hand side, there’s pubs, a disco ( I know that’s a bit too much to call it, but hey, a disco is a disco!)  and, of course, a clothing market!

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Someone once said: “In Camden Town you can do anything you want to do” and proof to that, there’s many things you can do for free:

  • Enjoy the street art: Banksy has revolutionised the entire façade of Camden, so you can practically enjoy a free open-space museum!


Photo by esiol from DeviantArt

  • Camden Arts Centre“Camden Arts Centre is a place for world-class contemporary art exhibitions and education”, plus you can surf the net by using free-wifi and also, read some quirky books!
  • Visit Cyberdog This is not a miss! Make sure you go there, because it’s one of the definitions of Camden: trance music and cybor clothing store! Trust me on this, even though you’re not that eccentric, you’ll be fascinated by its atmoshphere!

Another thing you can do, for free of course, is to stroll around! There’s a lot to see: Camden’s not about quiet spaces and you can see a variety of clothing preferences: goth, punk,hippies, but also can have a peaceful time in a more private space: Regent’s Canal.

24072011017 DSC_0001 DSC_0005

For more information about what you can do in the Camden area, check out this page:

By now, we are close to Camden Lock and its adjacent markets, which just seem to get bigger and better. Perhaps best to go with an appetite. Spicy aromas and tempting morsels will assail you as soon as you leave Jason behind. Also on offer: clothing, from new to vintage; retro finds; jewellery; furniture; bric a brac and more.

Drifting to Camden Town


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