Lost in the moment

While the rain was washing the city from sins and dirt, heavy clouds covered the sky, combining light with darkness and emitting a strange wave of grey to emphasise the dullness that was already a part of the motion. Cold was slowly setting in, breaking in between warm temperatures and fuzzy winds, trying to cover the great majority of Paris’s soul in a contemplating manner. Storms were battling in the sky to come over, but the atmosphere just wouldn’t allow it.

And there she was, in the middle of all this ravaging set, standing beautiful and harmless. Dressed in a violet dress and a dark coat, holding a closed dotted umbrella under her arms, waiting for a taxi. Her wait seemed endless and a few cars stopped and horned in a failing attempt of taking her to a safe and dry place.  But she didn’t want that. Waiting for a taxi was just an excuse she used for everyone who asked her.

Her world was falling to pieces and she was afraid to let those pieces fade in the darkness of the moment. Although the cold was making her skin ivory and purple at the same time, her boiling blood and racing heart couldn’t sense the iciness of the instant.

I should carry on. My eyes are the window to my soul and I must not let it be corrupt, she thought.

For the first time in a long time, S. knew that things are going to change and adjust accordingly, she just needed time and space. But then, she remembered she had everything she needed, and yet, everything was out of ordinary. All her plans were going to waste, all her years spent for nothing.


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