How will the Ironmaiden affect Romania?


Map of Ukraine with its neighbours


Ukraine has passed through a series of political changes and military tensions during the past months, due to the desire of people to be connected to Europe, rather than forgotten in the immensity of Russia. With tensions having started in November 2013 and  still continuing until today, Ukraine has faced great loss of both people (according to the UN office, the death toll rises to 7,962 since 2014), and territory (Crimea being annexed to Russia.)

Due to these tensions and to its close borders with Romania, some Romanian nationals expressed concerns regarding the start of a civil war.

Considering Romania’s Strategy of National Security and its fundaments, some things may be affected. Because the Strategy implies preserving national security, the mere start of a civil war in Ukraine can endanger Romania’s safety and national security.That is why, Romania has increased its defence and people seem to be concerned about why these tensions might affect the country.

For instance, some of the opinions were:

“I think the Media has a lot to do with this new social panic. Of course, the Russian-Ukrainian conflict is a serious matter to be carefully handled, but people should not be fed useless news. There are a lot of countries, strategic and diplomatic teams working together working to solve this. As far as Romania goes, the threat is a real as it was for the Ukraine, anything can happen, but, Romania is not a weak country.” (A.C, recruitment worker)

On the other hand, someone else considers that:

“In Ukraine, the population is divided into two categories: the pro-Russians and the pro- Europeans and until Russia will keep intensifying the conflict, we cannot think of stability. As for how Romania might be affected, I can only say that the import of gases from Russia will increase its price, so we’ll have to deal with our own resources. As long as Romania keeps its nose out of their [Ukraine] military business, there’s nothing we should be afraid of.”(D.H, photographer)

To conclude:

 “Considering the historical problems between Ukraine and Russia, I don’t think that the so-called war is a way of motivating the population, moreover, it will strain the relationship with the neighbour-countries, plus the loss of so many lives. As for the effect of this conflict on Romania, a possible war might break on Romanian territory. My opinion is that these tensions might be solved peacefully, avoiding the option of a war.” (Codruţa Filip, 19, student)

All in one, tensions in Ukraine keep fortifying every day and both Russian and Ukrainian troops are standing ready by the borders.

How will this all end?



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